There were a variety of things that were debated in the 1920's.So many things happened,people changed,things evolved.Some of the changes were good others not,the changes were to unfold the start of modern America.
The way women dressed.Although seemingly harmless by todays standards,women's fashion in the 1920's was controversial and was looked upon with disapproval by conservative men and women. Prior to the flapper movement,ladies kept their legs covered and didn't drink or smoke especially in public. Now young women were exercising their independence and developing an entire new fashion statement.People had many different views and opinions about their new fashion.Some people disliked the way flappers acted and dressed.Many wanted them gone.Even though flappers seemed bad they brought good for women in the future.If it wasnt for those brave young ladies who took a step forward to stand out and have freedom.We'd probably still be like women back in the days being told what to do by men in our society.
Dance was just another big debated on subject,it influenced all aspects of society.It was an escape from all the drama going on with the war.In its early years jazz was defined as the devils music.Debates emerged from supporters and detractors.People believed that women and men were much to close to each other in all these new dances.
Although all the things that took place seemed bad at the time,if these things didn't happen who knows how'd life would be right now.