After women gained there rights,in the 19th Amendment,the controversy began.High brow was in full flower at this time.The women were mainly freed from the restrictive rules that society put upon them as dictated by their gender at that point in time.
    Women are the ones who changed the most during this time period.They felt as if they had to right to be able to do the same things men could.The younger generation were mainly the ones acting up.Girls who participated in the changes were known as flappers.These liberal,free-thinking women wore short skirts,short haircuts,sheer stockings and,most shockingly make-up.They hung at speakeasies,danced,smoked cigarettes,drank bootleg liqour,and partied late into the night.They would wear heavy make-up
and dresses showing thier calfs,which back then was really revealing.These girls would kiss men in public,and enjoyed flaunting their irreverent behavior.
These women were ruling fashion for the first time in history.

    One of the most controversial changes that occurred not only in hair fashion but in American culture in general is the 1920's hairstyle,it was known as the bob.The original bob haircut was a blunt cut leveled to the bottom of the ears and going all around the head.In 1925,the short hair had completly overturned life in a small french village.After the first girl had cut her hair accompanied by tears and grinding of the teeth on the part of her family.The style quickly became an epidemic,from house to house it took its victims.
The style of the flapper is most often described as being youthful and boyish,as these young women were abandoning the popular curves of early generations for straight lines and loose clothing.If it wasnt for these courages young ladies,women now probably wouldnt be were they are today.